Roster of "Wanna be"Attendees For KC-17

         This is not the final list, just the beginning.   If ya wanna come, email the Planning committee to let them know that you want to attend.

                     Then call the hotel or go on line and make your room reservations!

If you have any questions contact the reunion SLJO by clicking here!

Marine Years Guest Registered

Room Reserved

R.O. Adams 63-64 Somchi Yes Yes
Dennis Alston 61-65 Roianne Yes Yes
Bob Balch 63-64 Solo    
Joe Barlow 63-64 Kathy Yes Yes
Charlie Bassett 69-70 Kamy   Yes
John Beeman 65-66 Solo Yes Yes
Mike Blome 69-70 ???   Yes
Gary Benson 70-71 Solo    
Mel Bonds 84-85 +1    
Kenneth Boumans 63-64 Lucille    
Steve Brandt 70-71 Solo    
Larry Britton 68-69 solo Yes Yes
Maurice Brown 69-70 Solo    
Robert Bryant 65-66 Solo    
Jim Bubonics 63-64 Suzy    
Jim Buckland 70 -71 Solo    
Stephanie Caisse   In honor Gary N. Young Yes Yes
James Cantrell 68-79 Darlene    
Paul "PJ" Carl 63-64 Lorraine Yes Yes
Al Chancey 67-68   Norma and 2 others   Yes
Larry Cornwell 67 -68 Solo    
 John Cowling 68-70 Jeanne Yes  
John Crider 69-70 Lisa Yes Yes
Fred Dalbec 65-66 Charlet    
Norm Dare 68-69 +1   Yes
Ted Darr 92-94 Andrea    
Thomas 'TC' Davis 70 Solo    
Ned Dautriel 68-69 Sheryl   Yes
Jim Didier 63-64 Susan    
Joe Dobosz 69-70 Vicky Yes Yes
Pat Donovan 68-69 Beba + 2 others   Yes
Dewey Earnest 69-70 Diane    
Brenda Gruenewald   in honor of  John F. Gruenewald    
Jim Hall 65-66 Judy Yes Yes
Ben Harpe 70-71 Georgiann Yes Yes
Jimmy Harris 65-66 Charolette    
Ron Hatton 65-66 Solo    
Larry Henderson 63-64 solo Yes Yes
Rick Ibach 65-66 Barb Yes ?
Mark Jeske 70-71 Linda   Yes
Duane Jensen 70-71 Jane    
Joe Johnson 68-70 Solo Yes Yes
Dan Kalas 70-71 +1    
Jim Keller 67-68 Bonnie    
John Kelly 70-71 Regina Yes Yes
Pat Kenny 70-71 Solo   Yes
Richard Keeney 63-64 Jan    
Ernie Kun 67-68 Solo    
Lenny LaSac 68-69 Solo    
Dave Legas 69-70 Solo    
Norm Long 65-66 Joan   Yes
Larry Mackey 63-64 Karen Yes Yes
Dave Magee 65-66 Geneil Yes Yes
William McSorley 69-70 ?    
Joe Minkiewiz 63-64 Richard Yes Yes
Jeff Monaghan 69 Solo    
Jeff Morhardt 70-71 Solo    
David Nebel 69-70 Yvonne Yes Yes
Daniel Oestreich 88-90 Claudia    
Jim Oleary 63-64 Sandy Yes ?
Doug Orahood 70-71 +1   Yes
John Orkish 63-64 Pat Yes Yes
James Parsons 67-68 Nancy    
Chuck Pflughoeft 70-71 Kathy Yes Yes
John Pierson 65-66 Solo   Yes
Jack Pipa 69-70 Solo    
Gary Radliff 70 - 71 Wife    
TJ Richardson 65-66 Connie    
Pat Robitaille 67-68 Katherine    
Mike Schmitt 87-88 +1    
Joe Schwalke 65-66 Solo    
John Siomonelli 63 -64 Pat    
Jerry Skibinski 69      
Art Slagle 67-68 +1    
Warren Smith 62-64 Faye   Yes
Robert 'Steiny' Steinberg 67-69 Solo   Yes
Bob Steward 63-64 Solo Yes Yes
Bill Stilwagen 70 Ginny   Yes
Carl Stoehr 67-68 Penny    
Norm Sumner 63 -66 Gayle Yes Yes
J C Taylor 67-68 +1    
Mike Tennent 70-71 Solo   Yes
Frank Trejo 88 -92 Solo    
Ken Wade 68-69 Solo    
George Ward 70-71 Jeanne Yes Yes
John Watkins 69-70 Delores Yes Yes
Karen Wells   In Honor of John Wells Yes Yes
George Wharton 67-69 Clara Yes Yes
Bob Wiegand 67-68 Beverly    
Walt Wise 69-70 Don Henze Yes Yes
Timothy Wood 63-64 Vivian   Yes
Randy Young 67-68 Rose Marie   Yes

As of 20 June, we have 88 Marines and 66guests for a total 154 folks that have indicated they plan to attend this reunion.   

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